Hi yt users,

Hi there! I'm just starting to use yt to make volume renderings of FLASH simulations. While working through examples, I hit a roadblock, and I've had some difficulty finding good documentation on the what the "Scene.save()" function actually does; specifically, why it does different things on the first and second call. The first example in the user tutorial page for 3D volume rendering (http://yt-project.org/doc/visualizing/volume_rendering.html) looks something like this:

sc = yt.create_scene(ds, lens_type='perspective')
source = sc[0]
source.tfh.set_bounds((3e-31, 5e-27))
sc.save('rendering.png', sigma_clip=6.0)

And, voila, volume rendering saved to png.

However, if I naively continue the script to re-render with new settings:
source.tfh.set_bounds((3e-35, 5e-27))
sc.save('rendering2.png', sigma_clip=6.0)

I find that none of my new settings are reflected in "rendering2.png" -- it's just a duplicate of "rendering.png"! But if I start again from scratch with a new scene, the settings take hold. This leaves me (a new user) scratching my head.

So here is my question: Once you've created and saved a scene once, how do you change scene settings like colormap and camera angle?



Scott Feister, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher, Flash Center for Computational Science
University of Chicago, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics