On Friday, July 31, 2015, Mikhail Klassen <klassm@mcmaster.ca> wrote:
​Hi Michael, John, Nathan,​

​My strealines script can be see here:​


​Modifying the periodicity manually via

ds.periodicity = (True, True, True)

causes the script to appear to execute for a very long time. I have never seen it run to completion, even for a single streamline. Perhaps I am just impatient.

 How big is the dataset? It's entirely possible it's just slow, hopefully the cython grid visitors will speed this up, something I'd like to get finished soon.

You might also try using the volume rendering refactor bookmark in the main yt repo. Some of the improvements there might have led to a speed up for your script, I believe the streamlines use the AMRKDTree under the hood.

If I do not directly modify the periodicity, the output I have pasted here:

Any help is appreciated.