Hello all,

I’d like to extend my congratulations to Ashley Kelly and Corentin Cadiou for winning the innaugural NumFOCUS new contributor award!


This is a new award that honors new contributors to NumFOCUS projects. The yt executive committee nominated Ashley and Corentin and they were both recognized at the awards dinner on Sunday night after the sustainability summit.

Let’s all give a warm round of emoji applause!



Ashley Kelly

Ashley Kelly participated in Google Summer of Code this year with yt via the NumFOCUS umbrella org. rom the outset, Ashley proposed a very ambitious plan. Privately I felt that the plan was probably overambitious but with the expectation that we would likely descope the plan, we decided to press ahead wit the project. Not only did we not need to descope, In my opinion Ashley exceeded his original plans. We are now in a much better position to ship major new features next year thanks to Ashley’s efforts.


Corentin Cadiou

Corentin Cadiou began contributing to yt completely unprompted by any of the core developers, working from Europe without in-person contact from the bulk of the yt contributor base in the United States. Corentin has substantially improved support for simulation data produced by the RAMSES code, and has contributed a number of other bugfixes, performance improvements, and nice new features. Corentin has doggedly made sure that his code gets merged and regularly helps out new users on Slack and the mailing list. Thanks to his efforts future RAMSES users and users of octree AMR codes will have a much nicer experience with yt than when he began contributing.