tricky to do universally.  I'll take a look and see if we can come up
with a way to do.

Groovy.  No hurry.  For now, what I've been doing is
>>> pf =yt.load()
>>> pf.create_field_info()
>>> pf.field_info[('enzo','Bx')].take_log = False

Is that a necessary and sufficient set of steps?

PS Suoqing Ji just added a symmetric log plot that should turn on by
default.  :)

Oh, sweet.  Where is it, and how to I switch it on?  I updated to 
>>> yt.__version__
but a plot of Bx still looks all nan-y


On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 10:09 AM, David Collins <> wrote:
> Hi, everyone--
> I apologize if this was discussed already.  I noticed that in yt3.0,
> magnetic field values have take_log=True, by default (these are the
> ('enzo','Bx') types of fields)  Is there an easy way to change that
> universally (like in the plugins file, or better something more fundamental,
> since I imagine that this will be the desired effect for most users)
> Thanks!
> d.
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