I would suggest using the manual plotting interface for the most control over your plots: https://yt-project.org/doc/visualizing/manual_plotting.html

The .to_frb attribute has a resolution parameter.


On Jul 18, 2020, at 5:42 AM, euan.newlands@gmail.com wrote:


I am having trouble improving the resolution of my ProjectionPlot() of a density field. I have studied the documentation (attached below) and can't see a solution to my problem.

I am trying to obtain a projection plot of an isolated galaxy from a 25Mpc box, using a data sphere as the data source for the projection.

The default plot settings makes "a fixed resolution buffer of (('gas', 'density')) 800 by 800". When I use .set_buff_size(1000) for example, the resolution does not change - I'm assuming because the plot has already been plotted with buff size 800x800 and thus this is the 'max' buff size and cannot be reduced. However when I use a lower buff size, i.e. .set_buff_size(400), the resolution worsens and I am left with a horrifically pixelated projection plot.

Can you help me identify a method to decrease the bin size of the density bins so I have a more detailed density projection plot?

Thanks for your time.

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