Hello fellow yt'ers:

I'm having some issues with some fields that I don't think are behaving the way they should be in yt.  I'm encountering a number of problems with a simple 2D enzo dataset (x and y), so I put together a notebook demonstrating my various issues.  


To summarize the weirdness from the notebook:

1) The 'dx' field doesn't seem to be able to be displayed (i.e. when I try to slice it), whereas the 'dy' field is fine.  'dz' even exists, but it's just uniformly 0, as is expected from a 2D dataset.

2) When I try to produce a new field which is 2^GridLevel, I get weird results (ignored levels and more).

3-5) I get strange behavior when trying to make a new field combining GridLevel and 'dy', since GridLevel  has twice as many indices as any of the spatial fields (in the z direction no less).  This results in some odd behavior when I try to pair various subsets of GridLevel with 'dy'.

Any clarification of these ideas is welcome.  The docs and source haven't yet revealed what is going on here.  Thanks!


Cameron Hummels
Postdoctoral Researcher
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona