Hey Guys,

     I'm trying to get simple projections, but using the Camera interface, to allow skewed perspectives. I've tried simply allowing the camera to use the default ProjectionTransferFunction, in lieu of prettier color transfer functions ... this seems to yield an all-black image. I've also tried explicitly setting it's bounds (both with log and non-log limits). This doesn't seem to help. I see this issue came up about a year ago here.

       My script's included below. I'm tempted to just tweak my inputs to the color trasnfer function to mimic a simple projection.


My script:

from yt.mods import *
import yt.visualization.volume_rendering.api as vr
from yt.visualization.volume_rendering.transfer_functions import ProjectionTransferFunction as PTF

pf = load("DD0179/DD0179")
field = 'Density'
use_log = True

# Find the bounds in log space of for your field
dd = pf.h.all_data()
limits = np.array(dd.quantities["Extrema"](field)[0]) * pf.units['cm']

#if use_log:
#    limits = np.log(limits)

# Set up the camera parameters: center, looking direction, width, resolution
c = np.array([.333]*3)
L = np.array([1.0, 1.0, 1.0])
W = 0.3 / pf["unitary"]
N = 1028

# Create a camera object
cam = vr.Camera(c, L, W, (N,N), transfer_function=PTF(limits),pf=pf)
im = cam.snapshot('density.png')

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