I'm very pleased to announce the release of Trident version 1.2!

Trident is an extension of yt for creating absorption spectra from

This is the first major Trident release in nearly two years. Trident
1.2 contains a number of new features, bug fixes, and minor
enhancements. All are listed below.

This is the last version of Trident that will support Python 2.
All versions to follow will require the use of Python 3.5 or later.

New Features
- Add support for creating spectra in velocity space
- Add ability to set wavelength limits to 'auto'
- Add ability to make spectrum from data container

Bug Fixes
- off by one error in subgrid index calculation
- fixing error in _ion_mass
- H_p0_number_density to default, H_number_density to alias
- Implements a better way of calculating the redshift on the light ray
- Assures that ion_fraction field reflects on-disk fields
- Fix atomic data for Si II 1260 according to Morton 2003
- A check to avoid failure when no continuum absorbers were found in the ray
- Auto-addition of H_nuclei_density to a LightRay when present in the base dataset
- Adding max_box_fraction as a kwarg to make_compound_ray
- Updated trident_path() to be OS Independent
- simplify setting up ion fields using the "local" field type
- split and join filenames using os.sep instead of assuming unix
- updated oscillator strengths and gamma's for Si II 1206 and Si III 1260

Minor Enhancements
- Calculating LOS velocity with relative velocities to account for bulk motion
- Enabling use of `output_absorbers_file` kwarg in SpectrumGenerator
- Switching imports from yt.analysis_modules to yt_astro_analysis
- Enable passing in-memory LineDatabase to SpectrumGenerator
- Added equivalent width calculation to line_observables_dict
- Numerous documentation updates
- Updates and fixes to testing

The latest version of Trident can be installed with pip:
pip install trident


Trident has received contributions from 23 people. 9 people
contributed changes to the latest release (underline) with 3 of those
people doing so for the first time (bold). Thanks to everyone for
their hard work!

- Trident development team

Brendan Boyd
Lauren Corlies
Bili Dong
Hilary Egan
Nathan Goldbaum
Cameron Hummels
Bharat Kambalur
BW Keller
Kacper Kowalik
Erwin Lau
Andrew Myers
Molly S. Peeples
Douglas Rudd
Anthony Scopatz
Devin Silvia
Stephen Skory
Britton Smith
Clayton Strawn
Stephanie Tonnesen
Matthew Turk
Miguel de Val-Borro
John Wise
John ZuHone