I'm wondering how can I get the color bar limits of a projection plot in the new yt version, I managed to do it in the old 2.5 version in this way:

  fn        =data[i]
  title     =titles[i]
  pro       =fn.h.proj(axis,field,center=fn.domain_center)
  proj      =fn.h.proj(0,field,weight_field=field,center=fn.domain_center)
  pro_frb   =pro.to_frb((25./h, "Mpc"), 2000)
  axs1[i]   =plt.subplot(2,2,i+1)
  vmin_0,vmax_0 = Image.get_clim()

I tried to find out something similar with the new yt.ProjectionPlot( ) without success, Could you please help me?

Kind Regards,