Hi yt Users,

I'm trying to figure out how to get yt working using an x11-based backend on my mac, so that I can forward python windows. For my non-yt python install, which is handled via macports, the trick (gleaned from http://www.astrobetter.com/remote-display-in-python-ask-astrobetter/) was to use macports to recompile the tk package so that it uses x11 rather than quartz, via the command

sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants tk -quartz +x11

This works fine. However, it is not clear to me how to force a similar change in the sandbox python install used by yt. Nor have I been able to get any other x11-based backend to work with yt's python install on my mac. The packages required for the gtk or wx backends refuse to install via pip install, and the Qt backend fails to load with the cryptic error "no module named sip".

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Mark Krumholz