Hi Nick and Hanjue,

From any given selector object, you can specify the max level data will be drawn from; this should work with particle data in the ARTIO frontend, but because it may not overlap explicitly with the indexing system you should double check.

An example:

dd = ds.all_data()
dd.max_level = 5

That will restrict up to and including level 5 data.

On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 11:11 AM Nick Gnedin <gnedin@fnal.gov> wrote:


We would like to use dark matter density in one of our simulations,
however the build-in derived field ('deposit', 'N-BODY_density') is too
noisy for our purposes. We can think of two ways to make it smoother: 1)
to reduce the max refinement level of the underlying grid or 2) use
SPH-like averaging on particles first before depositing them on the grid.

Since we are newbies, could someone give us a few hints on how to
proceed with one or both of these approaches?

Many thanks,

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