Hi Matthew,

There is no frontend-agnostic support for this, but I believe it has been implemented in a few cases. If the data in the external files has the same layout as the native data, this should be quite straightforward to implement. One would have to add machinery to search for these side-car files and add their contents to the field list, and then to know which files to open to get the associated fields. The difficulty would come in if the field data had a different shape than the native data, as this would confuse the selector functions. If what you have meets these criteria, then I'm happy to discuss in more detail.


On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 7:53 PM Matthew Abruzzo <matthewabruzzo@gmail.com> wrote:

I wanted to ask if yt supports the registration of external data as a field of an existing dataset.

In case it helps clarify my question, I just wanted to briefly elaborate on what I'm looking to do. I'm trying to characterize the turbulent velocities in some high resolution unigrid simulations. Because this involves convolution, I need to compute the turbulent velocity outside of the yt infrastructure (this seems beyond the scope of what a user-defined derived field can support). It would be convenient to be able to load the results back into yt to use the existing analysis machinery (e.g. for phase plots and slices). I have thought about using the "Generic Unigrid Data" frontend, but the simulation's size unfortunately makes that approach somewhat intractable.

I'm pretty confident that the answer to my question is "no," but I wanted to be sure before I rolled my own solution. Thank you for your help.

Matthew Abruzzo
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