Hi Camryn,

Hmm, good point.  OK, so, I need to think this over, but my guess is that you could still make this work without having to modify any Cython code.  If you hop onto slack we might be able to work through it with faster iteration.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 9:28 AM <clp3ef@virginia.edu> wrote:
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, when I try the input
ptype = 'passive_part' #custom particle type
pos = data[ptype, 'particle_position']
pmass = data[ptype, 'passive_mass']
d = data.smooth(pos, fields=[pmass], method='density')
I get a segmentation fault inside data.smooth().

I've used yt's particle deposition functions often with FLASH data and they've worked well, but I need to smooth my particles over more cells than the CIC deposit method is able to. I was hoping to use the 'density' function of smooth() since add_volume_weighted_smoothed_field requires particle density as an input, a field which I don't have, but the 'density' method does not.

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