On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Junhwan Choi (최준환) <choi.junhwan@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi yt users,

I have a few questions regarding to density and velocity field.
I try to make the 3-dimension dark matter and baryon density and
velocity fields from enzo simulation.
In order to use SPH/CIC smoothing, I tried to use ('deposit',
'Dark_Matter_cic') for enzo dark matter, and it does not work.
What is particletype for Dark Matter density and velocity in enzo?

There is no predefined dark matter particle type. You will need to create one using a particle filter.

After making the density field, I would like to deposit the density
for fixed grid cube.
I knew the FixedResolutionBuffer, that does a similar thing for 2D,
but I can not find 3D version of the similar object.
Is there any such object (uni-grid Buffer) for 3D?

You're looking for a covering grid.

Lastly, I try to use the dark matter velocity arrow with
annotate_velocity(), but it looks to me that the annotation only works
for gas,
because it does not have any argument distinct field type.
How can I plot the dark matter (or particle in general) velocity arrow in yt?

You can use the annotate_quiver function.

Thank you in advance,
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