Hi Tazkera,

You can always get rays and do the integration yourself:

ray = ds.ray(p1,p2)
dens = ray['density']

where p1 and p2 are tuples of the end points of the ray.  If you're using cartesian coordinates then you can also get x, y and z along the ray:
x = ray['x']
then the position is just 
r = np.sqrt(x**2 + y**2 + z**2)
and you can use a numpy or scipy integration method.
If you're using data from an AMR run you may need to sort the data:
tord = ray['t'])
dens = ray['dens'][tord]
and similarly for other data from the ray.


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Dear YT people,

I need to do integration of density field along line of sight. I know the
ProjectionPlot function plots the integration of a field along line of

yt.ProjectionPlot(ds, 'z', 'density, center= 'm')

However, I was wondering if it is possible to get the projection as an
array (or new field) , so that I can make a ProfilePlot  of the integrated
field along line of sight and another field ('Mass')

In other words, I want to do the following:

sp = ds.sphere("max", (200, "kpc"))
proj = yt.ProfilePlot(sp, 'Integrated_Density_along_Line_Of_Sight', 'Mass)

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