Hi all,

I have a simulation on a 3D cartesian grid and when trying to get surfaces of various types I keep getting the error message:

RuntimeError: Error: yt attempted to read outside the boundaries of a non-periodic domain along dimension 0.
Region left edge = -1.157125e+19 code_length, Region right edge = 1.7356875e+19 code_length
Dataset left edge = 0.0 code_length, Dataset right edge = 9.257e+19 code_length

This commonly happens when trying to compute ghost cells up to the domain boundary. Two possible solutions are to load a smaller region that does not border the edge or override the periodicity for this dataset.

​​So, I don't think I should override the periodicity for the dataset, since it is decidedly not periodic.  I could load a smaller region, I suppose, but not without significant effort, since I really want to include the volume out to some radial distance from the lower left corner (0,0,0).  I would need to define some slightly smaller octant, I guess.  Anyway, shouldn't there be some way to specify to yt that it should calculate ghost zones via some given boundary condition?  That is, if it really even needs to use ghost zones (which I'm not sure why it does).


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