Hi all,

I have an extremely strange problem. I'm trying to connect to the yt notebook running on a remote server on a windows laptop using PuTTY. If I try port forwarding using PuTTY, I can make

[remote-machine] $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888

work just fine. That is, I can see the directory at localhost:8888 on the windows laptop. However, if I try

[remote-machine] $ yt notebook

the windows laptop shows no route to host. I can confirm that on the server, the yt notebook log registers nothing when the page is loaded or reloaded on the laptop.

Has anyone seen this very strange behaviour before? I've tried running yt notebook on port 8888, 8000, and 9999. All of those ports work fine for SimpleHTTPServer, but all of them fail for yt notebook. I also tried running the ipython notebook directly; it fails in exactly the same way.

I tried connecting from a linux machine to the same server; everything worked just fine.

Any suggestions you might have would be most welcome!