Hi Stefano,

The image you sent looks to me like the slice is not centered on a region of high density -- more likely, it's centered at the center of the domain, where perhaps the resolution is lower (resulting in the pixels).  Can you show the full script you used?  And the output of:


or something like that, so we can see where the center is and where the slice is centered?  To center on the most dense point I *believe* you can do something like specify the slice center as "max" rather than a number (with the quotes around hte word max).


On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 7:22 AM, stefano bovino <poetaste@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
when using the following script fromt the yt.project website
multi_plot_slice_and_proj.py I have problems if I change the resolution from mpc to pc.

slc_frb = slc.to_frb((1.0, "mpc"), 512) --> slc_frb = slc.to_frb((1.0, "pc"), 512)
I even tried other ways (or scripts) to plot a slice of the density changing the resolution, but the problem is still there. Do you have any solution?

I just would like to create a 9 panels plot with slice of density, H2, and Temperature with three different width (on the pc scale).

Thank you in advance.

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