Hi all,

After some discussion on the dev mailing list, we've decided to unify
the repositories for yt-3.0 and yt.  It will still be located in a branch called 
yt-3.0 in that repository.  At some point in the near future the separate 
yt-3.0 repository will become read-only.

This simply means that if you are using yt normally, from the repository here:


you will be able to switch to the yt-3.0 branch more easily.  And, if
you currently have a fork of the repository yt-3.0, you'll need to
switch to using a fork of the main yt repository.  This is easy, just
fork the main yt repo (unless you already have!) and push your yt-3.0
changes there.

Just as it has always been, installing the "stable" and "development" versions 
from the install script will still only put you on the latest stable and development 
versions of yt-2.x.  Additionally, doing "yt update" will not accidentally switch 
you from one version to the other.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Britton and the yt development team