Calling any and all yt-users!

I am pleased to send out the 2nd announcement for RHytHM: ResearcH using yt Highlights Meeting!  It is taking place Dec 9-11 for a few hours each day, and if you sign up early enough (Nov 16) we will try to account for your time zone when settling on the exact hours!

The goal of the meeting is for yt users to share how yt helps them with their research.  Sharing how yt helps your workflow may inspire the rest of us to use yt in a way we had never even considered!  We are so excited to see what everyone is up to, and to make life easy, when you sign up for a talk, you can choose if it is a longer, more detailed talk (25+5), a shorter talk (15+5), or a lightning-style quick look at something for which you use yt (5 mins).

This is meant to be a fun, informal meeting, so sign up to talk about any aspect of yt you use! 

As a yt user, let me share some talk ideas I hope YOU sign up to give:  
--Share why phaseplots are the best plots (I could look at phaseplots for a whole conference, honestly)
--Share a new colormap that beats kamae (a low bar, possibly? ...or impossibly high?)
--Show how phaseplots let you compare simulations to observations! (to figure out if the simulation in which we live is flawed)
--Show how slices are way better than projections for your work (I'll believe it when I see it)
--Explain a neat way you select data (is cut_region your friend, too?)
--Walk me through your yt extension! (so many cool things use yt:, is yours on the list?)
--Show how phaseplots can sometimes be basically a projection, but BETTER. (phaseplots are so useful, amiright?)
--Two words:  volume.  rendering.  (more words: is it scientifically helpful or just gorgeous?)
--A plot you can't quite make using yt that you feel like *should just work*! (lines on phaseplots, anyone?)
--Surprise me with a phaseplot I haven't thought of! (other things than phaseplots are acceptable)

Please take a look and register (by Nov 16) if interested!  Share with your networks!

We look forward to seeing many of you (on zoom) in December!


Stephanie Tonnesen
Matt Turk
Madicken Munk
John Zuhone

Dr. Stephanie Tonnesen
Associate Research Scientist
CCA, Flatiron Institute
New York, NY