​Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your response.  I downgraded back to yt 3.2.3 so that I could get my work done, so I at the moment, I can't explore the grid hierarchy with yt 3.3.3​.  I'm happy to share my dataset with you.  I'll upload it to the curldrop site.


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Hi Jonathan,

I just tried this using WDMerger_hdf5_chk_1000 (see yt-project.org/data),
which is a FLASH dataset from a simulation done in cylindrical coordinates,
but it seems to work for me ok using that dataset:

    $ yt load WDMerger_hdf5_chk_1000/WDMerger_hdf5_chk_1000.hdf5

    In [1]: slc = ds.slice(2, 0.)

    In [2]: slc['dr'].min()
    Out[2]: 25600000.0 code_length

Somehow something is getting set to a NaN, my guess is gobj.LeftEdge[i]. In
this context gobj is a grid object, so for some reason grid.LeftEdge is NaN
along one of your axes for at least one of your grids. You can navigate the
grid hierarchy by looking at the grid array: ds.index.grids[0] should be a
reference to the root grid. You can also just iterate over ds.index.grids
to look at all the grids in your dataset.

Is there any chance you can share the dataset that's causing this issue? We
have the yt curldrop (https://docs.hub.yt/services.html#curldrop) available
for sharing data publicly. If it's not ok to share the dataset publicly we
can try sharing it off-list.


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