For example, if I ran the module to get the star formation rates like this:
sfr = StarFormationRate(pf, data_source=all)

How can I access the contents of sfr in the script itself, rather than just writing it out to a file?


On May 28, 2011, at 3:51 PM, Stephen Skory wrote:

Hi Christine,

I have a question about the star analysis module.  I understand how to
run it and print out a file with the results, but is there a way to run
it and access the results within the script?  I am ignorant of how
classes work in python, and I am uncertain whether there is a trivial
way to access the contents of a star analysis object, or whether I need
a method to access its contents.  I looked at the code for the class and
I didn't see a method that does this, so I'm guessing there is a simple
way to do this?

Are you talking about star formation rates or colors?

Stephen Skory
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