Hi Munier,

Unfortunately I don't think that's possible at the moment.  OffAxisProjectionPlot uses the volume renderer behind the scenes to actually calculate the projections and right now the volume renderer doesn't support arbitrary data sources, although I think Sam wants to add this functionality in the medium term.

If the field cut you're using is based on a geometric constraint, it might be possible to hack something together using a covering grid, but if it's based on a field value I'm not sure how that would work currently.

Sorry for the seemingly arbitrary limitation :(


On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:37 AM, Munier Azzam Salem <msalem@astro.columbia.edu> wrote:
Hey guys,

       I've been trying to make slices of density only looking at cooler gas (i.e. with a cut in Temperature). I've found a nice way to do this for simple projections. But my strategy breaks for Off-Axis projections.

Specifically, this works fine:

field_parameters={'field_cuts':["grid['Temperature'] < 1e6 "]})
cold_proj = ProjectionPlot(pf,0,'Density',field_parameters=field_parameters)

but this does not:

cold_proj = OffAxisProjectionPlot(pf,axis,'Density',north_vector=north,
                                  field_parameters= field_parameters)

sensibly enough, since field_parameters is not a keyword argument for off axis projections.

Is there a decent workaround for this? Or would this be simple to add into yt's functionality? I've looked briefly into the source and it doesn't seem obvious how to slip this in.


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