This year has been an amazing one! This year was the first one in which we've participated as an independent organisation covering many of the astronomy open source efforts under the Open Astronomy umbrella organisation.

Under the Open Astronomy organisation we have been accepted by Google directly, while in previous years the different organisations had participated under the Python Software Foundation or NumFocus.  This is great because it gives us a higher visibility for students and in the open source communities, and in addition other important advantages: we get some compensation from Google and two of us will represent the organisation in the Google Summer of Code mentor summit happening at the end of October.

We got 8 slots from Google, of which 5 went to Astropy and 3 to SunPy.  Sadly the other sub-organisations (yt, chiantipy, juliaAstro, ...) didn't get any qualified student applicants this time but surely it will change in the future. From these 8 slots, 7 of them passed the mid-term and all the 7 passed the final evaluation. The students, their projects and the mentors are the following:

For the Astropy project:

Micky Costa: Astropy: Bridge Sherpa and astropy fitting (Tom Aldcroft, Omar Laurino, and Moritz Guenther)

Olga Vorokh: Image processing and source detection in Gammapy (Johannes King and Christoph Deil)

Zé Vinícius: Implement PSF photometry for fitting several overlapping objects at once (Moritz Guenter, Brigitta Sipocz, and Erik Tollerud)

Karl Vyhmeister: Scheduling capabilities for Astroplan (Brett Morris and Erik Tollerud)

For SunPy:

Tessa Wilkinson: Implementing AIA response function in Sunpy (Drew Leonard and Will Barnes)

Punyaslok Pattnaik: Improvements to the SunPy Database (Stuart Mumford and Simon Liedtke)

Sudarshan Konge: Real Time Data Access and Visualisation tools (David Perez-Suarez and Jack Ireland)

You can still see all their trip that brought them till the end reading their blogs, available at:

If you would like to give us suggestions on how to improve the program (to us as an umbrella, or to Google itself) or you want to get more involved either as a mentor or as a sub-organisation, do not hesitate to contact us.  There's a lot that we can do better in the coming years!!

Thanks for all the summer!

David Perez-Suarez, Tom Aldcroft,  Erik Tollerud, Stuart Mumford