I'm trying to plot a projection of the SZ effect, and I'm not sure how the mechanism works.  If I do
proj = pf.h.proj(0, "SZKinetic", weight_field='Ones')
frb = FixedResolutionBuffer(proj, (0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0), (imgres, imgres))
img = frb[field]
pylab.imshow( img, interpolation='nearest', origin='lower') 

After some digging I found the constants defined in yt/utilities/physical_constants.py, but I'm not sure how do I use the convertSZKinetic to get cgs answers (is the field SZKinetic already returned as cgs, if so what is the cgs units?), and what are the units on 0.88 in the following equation?  If I know that I can figure out the cgs units.

def _convertSZKinetic(data):
    return 0.88*((sigma_thompson/mh)/clight)