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Dear YT-Users,

I am a fresh man to YT-project. I got a few questions for parallel computation on yt. May I ask for help?

of course, that's what the mailing list is for :)

I tried to do mpirun -np 4 myscript.py , but it always failed even when I used very simple script like

In what way does it fail?  If there is an error, can you send a copy/paste of the full error?  We have paste.yt-project.org set up to share error and code snippets like this.
#!/usr/bin/env python                                            
import yt                                                        




ds = yt.load(fname)                                              
pz = yt.ProjectionPlot(ds, 'z', ('gas', 'temperature'),weight_field='density')                                                    

I am using the data from Dr. Alan Duffy. His data is similar to OWLS. So when I tried to run a similar script with sample data downloaded from yt website, it works. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Is anything wrong with my data format or script? How to check it?

If you feel comfortable sharing the data file, one of us could try loading your data file on our local machine. If you don't feel comfortable sharing the data file publicly, I'm happy to work with you off-list to get a copy of the data file.



Warmest sincerely,

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School of Physics
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