I think it is possible to define units to new field (AveMomtX) and for simply achieving it, you have to derive an another new field in yt in which you can give units to your field (AveMomtX) by simply multiply AveMomtX field with momentum units, but for correctness in doing so, you should know first about the value of AveMomtX field that whether it's value taken in yt in code_units or in some other momentum units (c.g.s or m.k.s), although it seems in dimensionless (units). I think Enzo fields are possibly in code_units.

According to my opinion, it is possible to give units at least for an urgent requirement.

Wait for Nathan's comment on this.

Best Regards
-Prateek Gupta

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 8:41 PM, Wolfram Schmidt <wolfram.schmidt@uni-hamburg.de> wrote:
Hi Nathan, hi Prateek,

before I look into the frontend and try to modify it, I wonder:

1. Is possible to define units for a new field in the Enzo output (there are units conversion factors for certain quantities in Enzo, but I don't now if this somehow enters the data dumps)?

2. Could I "teach" yt to assume certain units for a field which it interprets as dimensionless on the fly, i.e. in a python session? If so, how?



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    1. Re: problem with units when defining difference of
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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 04:48:11 +0530
From: Prateek Gupta <prateekgidolia@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [yt-users] problem with units when defining difference of
        velocity-like fields
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I think just applying units to AveMomtX field while defining will work if
you derived it in yt. May be while defining a new field (AveMomtX), it
doesn't get units of momentum, it seems as "dimensionless" quantity.
But if you are taking AveMomtX as a new field from Enzo itself, after
modification of Enzo code, then yt required to know about this that
this(AveMomtX) is also the field in Enzo.

Best Regards
-Prateek Gupta

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 6:07 PM, Nathan Goldbaum <nathan12343@gmail.com>

What are the units of AveMomtX right now? It seems it's getting read in as
dimensionless, probably because it's not a field yt knows about. To fix
this error you will need to apply units to the AveMomtX field in your field
definition. If you've modified the Enzo code to add this new field to your
Enzo outputs, you could also modify yt's Enzo frontend to "teach" yt about
the new field you've added. See yt/frontends/enzo/fields.py, specifically
the known_other_fields tuple.

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 3:28 AM Wolfram Schmidt <
wolfram.schmidt@uni-hamburg.de> wrote:

Dear all,

I encountered a problem when defining a the fluctuation of the velocity
with respect to a smoothed velocity as derived field in yt:

def _fluc_velocity_x(field, data):
      return data["x-velocity"] - data["AveMomtX"]/data["density"]

ds.add_field("fluc_velocity_x", function=_fluc_velocity_x,

Here x-velocity and density are standard baryon fields defined in Enzo
and AveMomtX is an additional baryon field for smoothed momentum.

When I load a data dump and execute the above definition, I get the
following error:

in sanitize_units_add(this_object, other_object, op_string)
      126     if isinstance(ret, YTArray):
      127         if not inp.units.same_dimensions_as(ret.units):
--> 128             raise YTUnitOperationError(op_string, inp.units,
      129         ret = ret.in_units(inp.units)
      130     # If the other object is not a YTArray, the only valid case
is adding

YTUnitOperationError: The subtraction operator for YTArrays with units
(code_velocity) and (code_length**3/code_mass) is not well defined.

After looking into
I tried

ds.add_field("fluc_velocity_x", units="cm/s", function=_fluc_velocity_x,

but this results in the same error as before. Apparently, the problem is
that yt does not recognize that momentum divided by density is a
velocity and therefore cannot match the units to the first term

There are unit conversion functions such as .in_cgs(), but they are not
applicable to the data objects in the above definition.

So can anyone tell me how to fix this?



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