Dear all

I have recently tried to install Yt, including Enzo, with the installation script provided in the Yt webpage; setting the Enzo flag=1 and installing as superuser in /usr/local all the files

I had the following two problems:

1) the enzo clone was not installed... just before finishing the script said something like Python SSL not found or supported, and the enzo installation was aborted.

2) After all this, I was not able to (a) open any pdf file either with evince or xpdf (under linux; either ubuntu 10.04 and linux mint 13 - running gnome), (b) login .. my "welcome screen" was off, completely gone or black as in my laptop (a toshiba with linux mint). so I could not login! In the case of my desktop at work, I had to reinstall the operating system.

Have any of the people of this forum seen this kind of problems? Any ideas what might have gone wrong or how to fix this?