We have an example in our docs that shows how to create a kinetic energy power spectrum with the numpy FFT:


I think this could be adapted for your needs.

Right now there isn't an analysis routine explicitly for computing power spectra in yt. If someone wanted to add it (or just wanted to add more examples to the docs of how to compute power spectra using e.g. pyfftw) I think that would be a very welcome contribution.


On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 11:10 AM, 梁家豪 <setsuna@phys.tw> wrote:
Dear yt

Can current yt calculate 3-D Mass power spectra? I checked the website but I didn't find any information. I think calculating 3-D Mass power spectra is a very useful for cosmological simulations. So I guess maybe yt supports this function now....?

Thanks in advance

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