Hi all,

I have followed one of the given examples (http://yt-project.org/doc/cookbook/complex_plots.html#mutiple-slice-multipanel) to produce a multi-panel plot from an Enzo data output using AxesGrid in matplotlib. However, the appearance of this plot doesn’t match that of single plots made using yt.ProjectionPlot by itself. I would like the multi-panel plot (https://ibin.co/3KWlDftVLmgR.png) to have a similar appearance to this standard projection plot (https://ibin.co/3KWlr0wRQrHT.png).

Is there an efficient way of invoking the style settings used by yt in matplotlib, or is it just a matter of individually changing the settings for the font style, font size, axis and tick linewidth, plot resolution, etc. in the plotting script? If the latter, are the default values for these parameters in yt listed somewhere, such that I can change the parameters to these values before plotting?

Many thanks,