Hey Desika,

You're right, you need to use all_data:

import yt
ds = yt.load("your_dataset")
ad = ds.all_data()
print ad["PartType0", "Coordinates"]

In general all yt data sources will print out the flattened data contained in the source when you query them like a dictionary using an unambiguous string field name or ('field_type', 'field name') tuple.


On Thursday, May 22, 2014, Desika Narayanan <dnarayan@haverford.edu> wrote:
Hi yt,

I have a pretty simple question that I ought to know the answer to -  how do I extract the actual values in the field_list or derived_field_list of a ds?

For example, I have a field: ('PartType0', 'Coordinates'),

but printing something like pf[('PartType0','Coordinates')] doesn't return the list of particle type 0 coordinates (or anything for that matter).  Do I have to access this through a pf.all_data() command somehow?