Greetings yt community, 

I am a graduate student in Cornell's Department of Computer Science seeking suggestions for semester long software development projects. I wonder, is there anyone in the yt community with a yt development project in mind that might benefit from a dedicated team of (aspiring) scientific software developers? The guidelines of the project require that we have a "client" to interface with on a weekly basis. To learn more about the course and the projects, see and follow the Projects links. 

Note especially that the projects are production systems, not prototypes or (purely) academic research.  A project can be a small, complete system, or part of a larger system; students undertake projects in teams of 6 to 8.  These teams develop real software applications for clients who intend to place them into production. At the end of the course, students are expected to hand over operational software, which has been thoroughly tested, with good documentation for future maintenance.

Thanks for considering.


Ariel Kellison