Hey guys,

       I've been trying to make slices of density only looking at cooler gas (i.e. with a cut in Temperature). I've found a nice way to do this for simple projections. But my strategy breaks for Off-Axis projections.

Specifically, this works fine:

field_parameters={'field_cuts':["grid['Temperature'] < 1e6 "]})
cold_proj = ProjectionPlot(pf,0,'Density',field_parameters=field_parameters)

but this does not:

cold_proj = OffAxisProjectionPlot(pf,axis,'Density',north_vector=north,
                                  field_parameters= field_parameters)

sensibly enough, since field_parameters is not a keyword argument for off axis projections.

Is there a decent workaround for this? Or would this be simple to add into yt's functionality? I've looked briefly into the source and it doesn't seem obvious how to slip this in.


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