Dear yt and rockstar users,

I recently installed the newest version of rockstar-galaxies as I had been using a much older version. Although the output reports a particle mass of 1.31418e+05 Msun/h, I don't see any halos smaller than 1e+08 Msun/h. I was expecting to get the minimum masses an order of magnitude lower. 

I see in the config includes MIN_HALO_OUTPUT_SIZE = 25, set as a default. I tried to change this parameter to 10 and restart from the beginning, but I run rockstar within yt with RockstarHaloFinder (yt.extensions.astro_analysis.halo_finding.rockstar.api), but my config file was overwritten by the defaults. Is this even the right approach? If so, how do I restart rockstar (more detailed than just, please) with customized parameters within yt's RockstarHaloFinder?

Thanks in advance,
Carla Bernhardt
PhD Student
Universität Heidelberg
ZAH Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik