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Embree/pyembree are only useful for unstructured mesh data, *not* hexahedral mesh data. I don't think support for volume rendering hexahedral mesh data has been added to yt.


On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 10:41 AM, Samuel Jones <samuel.jones@h-its.org> wrote:
Dear yt-users,

I have had generally a very smooth ride in the past using yt for volume rendering of data on a uniform Cartesian grid. Now, however, I am trying to do similar things with data on a non-uniform Cartesian grid, having loaded it in with load_hexahedral_mesh.

I managed to get embree, pyembree built together with yt version 3.3-dev. I can create the hexahedral dataset with no problem (at least no errors), but when I try to create a scene in which to do some volume rendering I get the error copied below. I think I must doing something wrong but I don't know what!

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ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-11-e24c1c1430d9> in <module>()
----> 1 sc = yt.create_scene(ds,'lset')

/home/swj/softs/yt/yt/visualization/volume_rendering/volume_rendering.pyc in create_scene(data_source, field, lens_type)
     73     if hasattr(data_source.ds.index, "meshes"):
---> 74         source = MeshSource(data_source, field=field)
     75     else:
     76         source = VolumeSource(data_source, field=field)

/home/swj/softs/yt/yt/visualization/volume_rendering/render_source.pyc in __init__(self, data_source, field)
    370         self.scene = mesh_traversal.YTEmbreeScene()
--> 371         self.build_mesh()
    373     def cmap():

/home/swj/softs/yt/yt/visualization/volume_rendering/render_source.pyc in build_mesh(self)
    421         """
    422         ftype, fname = self.field
--> 423         mesh_id = int(ftype[-1]) - 1
    424         index = self.data_source.ds.index
    425         offset = index.meshes[mesh_id]._index_offset

ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'm'

some debug:

> /home/swj/softs/yt/yt/visualization/volume_rendering/render_source.py(423)build_mesh()
    422         ftype, fname = self.field
--> 423         mesh_id = int(ftype[-1]) - 1
    424         index = self.data_source.ds.index

ipdb> print ftype
ipdb> self.field
('stream', 'lset')
ipdb> exit

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