Hello yt-folks !

yt native colormaps now have their own package, already available on PyPI https://pypi.org/project/cmyt/
This has two important implications:

This message is addressed to anyone who installed yt from source and updates their install regularly. If that’s not your case you can jump to the second item

So I’m reaching out to raise awareness about an upcoming change to yt's main branch

In short:
You need to install it to keep your local install working after the PR above is merged
You can perform the installation right now if you wish to, you don’t need to wait on the PR to get merged.

python -m pip install cmyt

And you’re done ! Conda-distribution is planned to land soon after the pull request is merged.

you can now use yt’s colormaps with raw matplotlib and outside of yt if you want to. See cmyt’s documentation (one page).

Cheers !