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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Aberdeen [no description available]
ABQpy Albuquerque Python Users Group
Advocacy Coordination of the Python Advocacy Effort
Archiver-dev Development of email archivers
Arkansas [no description available]
AstroPy Astronomical Python mailing list
Async-sig async/await discussions
BangPypers Bangalore Python Users Group - India
Baypiggies SF Bay Area Python group
Belgium Python Community of Belgium
Borgbackup a deduplicating/encrypting/compressing backup program.
Boston Boston Python general list
Bundle-sponsorship-wg [no description available]
Canberra-PUG Canberra Python Users Group
capi-sig Mailing list for discussing the Python/C API
CentralOH Mailing list for Central Ohio Python User Group (COhPy)
CentralVA Python Charlottesville (
Charleston Mailing list for Charleston's Python User Group
Chennaipy Chennai Python User Group Mailing List
Chicago The Chicago Python Users Group
Chicago-sig-organizers [no description available]
ChiPy-announce The Chicago Python Users Group -- Announce Only List
code-quality A mailing list for code-quality tools related to Python
Compiler-sig Discussion of Python compilation
conduct [no description available]
Conferences Open discussion of Python conferences, worldwide, existing and planned
Cplusplus-sig Development of Python/C++ integration
Cryptography-dev [no description available]
Csv Discussions about CSV support in Python
cython-devel Core developer mailing list of the Cython compiler
Datetime-SIG Discussions related to date and time
Dateutil Discussion mailing list for the python-dateutil library
DB-SIG SIG on Python Tabular Databases
DCPIGgies Washington DC Python Interest Group
Dehradun-Python Mailing List of Dehradun Python User Group
Distutils-SIG Python Distribution Utilities
Diversity-Private Promoting diversity in the Python community
Django-india [no description available]
Doc-SIG Python Documentation Special Interest Group
docs Mailing list for maintenance of the Python documentation
Ecuador [no description available]
Edinburgh Python Edinburgh
Edu-sig Python in education
Elections Discussion of PSF elections
Elections-wg FIXME! We need a title here
Email-SIG SIG for designing and implementing email 3.0
EuroPython Planning the European Python community conference
EuroPython-Announce EuroPython announcements
EuroPython-Improve Discussion list for the EuroPython organisers & active volunteers
europython-volunteer-announce EuroPython volunteer announcement list
EuroSciPy Planning the EuroSciPy conference
execnet-commit commits for the execnet project
execnet-dev Channel/Actor style communication between Python interpreters
Expat-bugs Issue tracker activity for Expat
Expat-checkins Revision-control actions for Expat
Expat-discuss Discussion of the Expat XML parser
Fiscal-Sponsors [no description available]
Flask General discussion of the Flask microframework
FOSDEM [no description available]
FoxPUG Fox Valley Python Users Group
Glasgow Python Glasgow
Grants-discuss Public discussion of PSF Grants applications
Group-Organizers Support and Mentoring of Usergroup Organizers (Current or Wannabe)
Gsoc-blogs [no description available]
GSoC-general Google Summer of Code general discussion list for students and mentors
Gurkentruppe nobody should subcribe here
Healthcare Python community healthcare SIG
I18n-sig Python internationalization and localization
IDLE-dev IDLE development
Image-SIG Image Processing with Python SIG
Import-SIG PEP 382 and other import machinery improvements
Inpycon Mailing list for the PyCon India conference
IPython-dev IPython Community list
iQ-users Support for Andor's iQ OpenSource package
Ironpython-users Discussion of IronPython
Jython-checkins Check-in messages from the Jython maintainers
KolPy [no description available]
Legal [no description available]
Linux-sig Python on Linux
Madison Madison Python Discussion Group
Mailman-announce Announce-only list for Mailman releases and news
Mailman-checkins Check-in messages from the Mailman maintainers
Mailman-coders Mailman list for bug and patch messages
Mailman-Developers GNU Mailman developers
Mailman-docs Coordinating the Mailman documentation project
Mailman-i18n Mailman Internationalization Effort
Mailman-mentors Mailman GSoC mentors.
Mailman-Users Mailman mailing list management users
MashhadPUG Mashhad Python User Group
Matplotlib-announce [no description available]
Matplotlib-devel Developer mailing list for Matplotlib
Matplotlib-users user list for matplotlib
melbourne-pug Melbourne Python Users Group
Meta-sig SIG on SIGs and mailing lists
Mobile-sig Python Mobile-sig
Mochi A functional language in and for Python
moin-devel MoinMoin Wiki Development
moin-user MoinMoin Wiki User Support and Discussion
Multiprocessing-sig [no description available] Python Delhi User Group
Neuroimaging Neuroimaging analysis in Python
New-bugs-announce List for new Python bug reports
Newsletter A mailing list for the Python Newsletter Editors...
NumPy-Discussion Discussion of Numerical Python
Numpy-svn [no description available]
Omaha Omaha Python Users Group
oscon Python/PSF planning for OSCON
packaging-wg [no description available]
Pandas-dev [no description available]
PEPs Python Enhancement Proposals (only PEP Editors can subscribe)
Planet Send requests for additions/changes to the Planet Python aggregator. No subscription requests, please (apart from maintainers).
Playground A playground for Mailman 2.1 testing
Plgroups [no description available]
PLPUG Polish Python Users Group - open discussions
PLPUG-audit Polish Python Users Group - audit committee
PLPUG-board Polish Python Users Group - management board
Portland Python Users Group -- Portland, Oregon USA
PSF-Blog [no description available]
PSF-Community A mailing list for the PSF Community
Psf-fellow [no description available]
PSF-Important PSF Board of Directors Mailing List
psf-marketing-wg PSF Marketing WG Mailing List
Psf-redesign RFP Redesign
PSF-sponsors Discussions among PSF sponsor members
Psf-staff [no description available]
Psf-supporting-members [no description available]
Psf-ux [no description available]
PSF-Volunteers Volunteer pool for the PSF
PSF-Vote PSF Voting Members
PuPPy Puget Sound Programming Python meetup list
PyAR2 Arkansas Python User Group - Python ARtists of ARkansas
Pycon-announce [no description available]
Pycon-auction PyCon US auction committee
PyCon-AV PyCon US audio, video, and captioning
PyCon-de German Python Events and Conferences (in German)
Pycon-disabilityservices PyCon US special assistance
Pycon-edu-summit [no description available]
Pycon-feedback [no description available]
Pycon-greenroom [no description available]
Pycon-interest [no description available]
Pycon-mobile-guide PyCon US mobile guide team
Pycon-openspaces PyCon US open spaces team
PyCon-organizers NOT ACTIVE - planning PyCon, the annual US Python conference
Pycon-posters PyCon US poster session committee
Pycon-pune [no description available]
Pycon-se [no description available]
Pycon-sprints [no description available]
Pycon-staff [no description available]
PyCon-Tech Development of PyCon conference software
Pycon-us-announce [no description available]
Pycon-volunteers [no description available]
Pycon-youngcoders [no description available]
PyCon-ZA [no description available]
PyConAPAC List to support the working group for PyCon APAC
PyConPL [no description available]
PyConPL-org [no description available]
PyConPL-prog PyCon PL - program committee (internal)
Pyconscot [no description available]
pyconuk Mailing list for the PyCon UK conference
Pyconuk-delegates [no description available]
Pyconuk-intro PyConUK Intro to Python teachers
Pydotorg-wg [no description available]
pydotorg-www Public list for maintenance
Pygui PyGUI Developers and Users List
PyLadies-BLR PyLadies-BLR
PyOhio General discussion list for attendees of the PyOhio conference
PyOhio-announce Announce-only list for prospective attendees of the PyOhio conference
pyop Python On the Peninsula (SF Bay Peninsula)
pyopenssl-users pyOpenSSL Users List
Pypi-checkins [no description available]
pypy-commit commits to pypy development
pypy-dev development of the PyPy Python implementation
pypy-issue [no description available]
PySilesia PySilesia (Silesian Python Users Group)
PyStok Python, Bia³ystok, PyStok
pytest-commit commits for pytest and tox
pytest-dev development of pytest testing tool
Python-africa African Python Users group -- Linking African Python Efforts, because We are Stronger together.
Python-announce-list Announcement-only list for the Python programming language
Python-authors For authors, editors, reviewers of writings about Python
Python-az Azerbaijan Python Users
Python-bugs-list List which receives bug reports on Python
Python-Buildbots discussion about CPython's buildbots
Python-checkins Check-in messages from the Python maintainers
python-committers Mailing list for Python committers
Python-compilers Discussion between folks working on Python compilers
python-crypto Cryptography with Python
Python-cuba A PSF Working group for promote relationships with Cuban Pythonistas
python-de Die Deutsche Python Mailingliste
Python-Dev Python core developers
Python-es La lista de python en castellano
python-events Python Events Calendar Team List
Python-greece Mailing list for Greek Python User Group.
Python-Help Expert volunteers answer Python-related questions
Python-HPC Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing
Python-hu Hungarian Python users
Python-ideas Discussions of speculative Python language ideas
Python-ir Iranian Python Users
Python-ke [no description available]
Python-latam La comunidad de Python de América Latina
python-ldap Discussion around development, usage etc. of module package ldap
Python-legal-sig Discussion of Python Legal/Compliance issues
Python-list General discussion list for the Python programming language
Python-mode For issues concerning python-mode for X/Emacs
python-muc Mailing list for µPy, the Munich Python User Group.
Python-mx [no description available]
python-nigeria Nigerian Python Users Group
Python-nl Dutch Python developers and users
Python-porting Discussion about porting Python code (mainly 2.x -> 3.x)
Python-ro Listă de discuții despre Python în limba Română
Python-se Mailing list for Python Sverige
Python-Togo Togolese Python Users (Togo PyUG)
python-uk UK Python Users
python-win32 Python on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
PythonCAD Mailing list for PythonCAD development
PythonCE Python programming on Windows CE
PythonDotNet A list for users and developers of Python for .NET
Pythonedu-wg The Education Working Group takes global, inclusive and practical steps to promote education and learning with Python.
pythonexpress [no description available]
Pythonmac-SIG SIG on Python for the Apple Macintosh
pyvideo-data coordination of pyvideo-data and related projects
sapug South Australian Python Users Group
scikit-image Mailing list for scikit-image (
scikit-learn Scikit-learn mailing list
SciPy-Dev SciPy Developers List
Scipy-organizers Discussion of the organizing of the SciPy conference
Scipy-svn [no description available]
SciPy-User SciPy Users List
Seattle-pug Python User Group Seattle
Soap SOAP libraries for Python developers
SpamBayes Discussion list for Pythonic Bayesian classifier
Spambayes-announce Announcements related to the SpamBayes project
Spambayes-bugs SF Bug tracker mailing list for SpamBayes project
Spambayes-checkins Check-in messages for the spambayes project
spambayes-dev Development of the Pythonic Bayesian classifier
Speed [no description available]
Sponsors [no description available]
Sponsors-wg [no description available]
Sprint-mentors PyCon US Sprint Mentors
Sprints [no description available]
stdlib-sig Python standard library development list
Sunpiggies Python Users Group -- Flagstaff/Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona USA
TehPUG Tehran Python User Group
Texas Discussion list for the Texas region Python community
Tkinter-discuss [no description available]
Tracker-discuss Discussion/coordination of the issue tracker used for Python development
TriZPUG Triangle (North Carolina) Python Users Group (formerly TriZPUG)
Tutor Discussion for learning programming with Python
Vote [no description available]
Web-SIG SIG for Python support for the Web
Wheel-builders Discussion of building and distributing Python packages, esp. extension packages, as wheels
Winnipeg Winnipeg Python Users Group
xml-sig Python XML Special Interest Group

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