List name Post address Description
Buildbot-status List to get notifications from buildbots on failures (green/orange => red state change).
capi-sig Mailing list for discussing the Python/C API
Conduct-wg This group is working on updating the PSF's code of conduct and policies around the code of conduct. Members can join via application only.
Core-mentorship Python Core Development Mentorship
core-workflow Working Group for Core Development workflow improvements
Datetime-SIG Discussions related to date and time
devpi-dev Discussion about development of the "devpi" private pypi packaging system.
Diff-review MailingList to discuss and announce security review of package updates.
Dipy List for the Diffusion Imaging In Python project.
Distutils-SIG Python packaging ecosystem SIG (PyPI/pip/twine/wheel/setuptools/distutils/etc)
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