Python Core Development Mentorship

The Python Core Development Mentorship list is intended to provide a welcoming introductory environment for developers interested in contributing to core Python development.

The list is moderated and private; this means:

        * Only subscribers may post messages without moderator approval.
        * Only messages relating to core development are allowed.
        * Messages with the primary purpose of promoting commercial offerings will not be tolerated. [0]
        * Messages containing any type of tracking technology will not be tolerated. [1]
        * Subscriptions may expire for lack of activity, but resubscribing is welcomed.

Subscribing also means receiving messages sent only to the list, rather than relying on being included in the CC list for replies.

In addition to this list, written guidelines for contributing can be found in the Developer's Guide for CPython: .

A major goal of this group is to help new contributors feel more confident about participating in the results-focused public environments of the bug tracker, python-dev, and python-ideas.  

The following code of conduct is not meant as a means for punishment, action, or censorship for the mailing list or project. Instead, it is meant to set the tone, expectations, and comfort level for mentors and those wishing to be mentored on the list.

        * We ask everyone to be welcoming, friendly, and patient.
        * Flame wars and insults are unacceptable in any fashion, by any party.
        * Anything can be asked, and "RTFM" is not an acceptable answer.
        * Neither is "it's in the archives, go read them".
        * List archives are available only to subscribers, but subscription is open to everyone.
        * Since the archives are closed cross posting to public mailing lists is discouraged.
        * Statements made by core developers can be quoted outside of the list.
        * Statements made by others can not be quoted outside the list without explicit permission. [2]
        * We endorse the PSF's Diversity statement.
        * All participants are expected to follow the PSF Code of Conduct:
        * The list administrators reserve the right to revoke the subscription of members (including mentors) that persistently fail to abide by this Code of Conduct. [3]

    [0] This is a grey area: Mentioning a commercial offering by a regularly active member as part of a relevant response to a question is fine; so is a genuine question including mention of a commercial product
    [1] Use of tracking is grounds for immediate revocation of list membership.
    [2] Anonymised, paraphrased statements or questions are okay; direct quotes with or without names are not.
    [3] The current administrators are listed at the bottom of the page. Mentors that would like to help administer or moderate the list just need to ask.

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