GNU Mailman developers

This list is for discussion of the Mailman mailing list management system. It is open to people interested in improving the usability of the system, including end users as well as mailing list managers and development coders.

There is a separate mailing list for people interested in discussion regarding configuring and using the system - (for, Mailman 2.x) or (for, Mailman 3.x)

There is also an announce-only mailing list

If you want to report a bug in Mailman, scan previously reported bugs, submit patches, etc., please start with the Gitlab project page ( You might also want to check out the Mailman home page at

You might want to start by reading the Mailman FAQ ( ).

We have set the mailman-developers list to moderate all new users because of a recent problem with some people subscribing to this list and then posting messages that belong elsewhere, often messages that belong on mailman-users instead.

Note that this list is closed to postings from non-subscribers. You must first subscribe and confirm, then you can post to the list.

Also note that all posts made to the list will be publicly archived.

In order to protect the integrity of the list archives, we do not routinely agree to remove or obscure posts that are in the archives. We only do this in exceptional circumstances such as if someone has posted personal/private information about someone else, or an obviously private e-mail has accidentally been posted to the list.

The Mailman Security Policy is detailed in

Before posting any messages to this mailing list, please make sure that you have read and understood this policy.

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