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The purpose of the psf-community mailing list is to provide an environment where pythonistas can communicate with a large audience, share experiences, launch projects, and/or discuss their Python & OSS interests. This community mailing list will have public archives, accessible to everyone.

In order to nurture a friendly environment, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct and be kind and respectful of one another. Mailing list discussions can get intense and tend to spike in volume from time to time. If you are caught in a heated discussion, keep the discussion focused on issues rather than the personalities involved. A good approach is to wait overnight to send emotional responses to messages.

Keep in mind that a large audience will see your posts. This may include your current or future employers. Take care in what you write. Remember, this mailing list is publicly archived, and that your words will be stored publicly for a very long time.

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