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I don't think it is completely off-topic.  This list is about Python advocacy, and many are advocating Python for education.   I was pointing out something that I think will make Python less suitable for education.  I'm hoping that those who advocate Python's use in education will lobby to keep the features that make it a great teaching language.

If they are just going to rename raw_input(), what's the point?  That only creates a backwards-compatibility problem.  And input() is so fundamental to beginning programming that making it more complicated makes no sense.  It just adds obfuscation, which is the polar opposite of the Python philosophy.


Michael Tobis <mtobis at gmail.com> wrote: As I understand it, raw_input will be renamed input in 3.0, and the
function currently implemented as input would go away, requiring you
to invoke eval(input("prompt")) if you need its functionality. Thus,
the PEP text you quote doesn't correspond to my understanding, based
on what I took from GvR's keynote at PyCon.

However, this is off topic for these lists and would be better taken
up on c.l.p. where someone in the know will be sure to clarify the


On 5/31/07, hwg  wrote:

> This quote is from a PEP which argues for keeping some form of raw_input():
>  The proposed plans for Python 3.0 would require the replacement
> of the single statement
> speed = raw_input("What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladed
> swallow?")
> by the more complicated
> import sys
> print("What is the average airspeed
>  velocity of an unladed swallow?")

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