[python-advocacy] Proposal for Monthly podcast series

Ralph sfreader at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 17 02:06:50 CEST 2007

   I would say it is a good thing if you have not heard of most of the
projects.  That was pretty much the idea.  I wanted to pick projects
that looked interesting and would be new to most people.  I am sure that
not every project would appeal to all, but I hope that as the project
proceeds, that more and more people would find them worth learning
about.  And, I think every project must be one that Jeff really finds
somewhat interesting, or he won't be as motivated.  So, I bet Jeff will
knock some off the list.  I would like to get other specific
suggestions.  I don't think there should be a public vote, but
suggestions that a small group of people review would be great.  The
plan is that a few of the other locals will help Jeff write up scripts
and plan the podcasts.  But, when they come out each month, the topic
should be a surprise.  I want people to look forward to checking out
what his project is.  Your concern about being seen to endorse a project
is one I have thought about.  We need to say somehow that this is
basically a research project.  The projects we talk about are good
enough to be worth learning about.  The fact that we will be cranking
them out once a month should also help to allay that concern. Jeff is
certainly a leader in the local Python community and is making strides
in the bigger community.  Buy, I don't think his endorsement, if these
are perceived as endorsements, will carry similar weight to Guido's.
 I think the three projects you mention are too large to include, but
parts of them might be possible.  Athena, Dojo or Mochikit, for example
might work.
 I won't keep adding this paragraph, but some people tell me I come off
too strong.  I am going to give my thoughts in my response, but I don't
think I know all the answers.  I am by no means a Python expert,
although I am learning.  Jeff is an expert, and he enjoys learning about
new Python projects.  I am trying to gather enough information to
proceed with the podcasts, and I appreciate the input.  I'll be
collecting all the responses on this subject.  I'll bring them to the
DFW Python meetings and we will talk about them there.
  Useful but dangerous make me think I can count you as +1 on the idea
for now.
Thank you,

On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 18:18 +0200, Laura Creighton wrote:
> There are very few of these projects I either know about nor have
> any current interest in knowing about.  Perhaps this means that
> you are a better magnet-for-cool than I am.  If so, these podcasts
> should be a sure hit.  But if not, perhaps we should ask on
> comp.lang.python for suggestions on what to produce.  
> We have a serious dilemmna here -- by publishing a thing we can seem
> to endorse it.  Guido van Rosum created this sort of problem,
> inadvertantly, by publically liking Django.  One heck of a lot of
> people of small brains decided that Django was 'it' -- blessed by the
> dictator -- despite the fact that Django is only designed for certain
> things, and thus, especially if you have other things to do, you might
> be interested in Newov, or Turbo Gears, or Pylons ...
> >
> >  Does anyone else think this is a useful idea?  Ron Stevens seemed to
> >like it.
> It is useful, but it is also dangerous.  Just making sure we are
> all warned before we go burn ourselves. ...

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