[python-advocacy] pay for podcast?

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Jun 20 14:07:53 CEST 2007

been thinking about the "don't endorse a project" problem, and I have a vision:

The PSF podcast approval committee tree, with Jeff at the top, the size and 
shape of the tree determined by how many podcasts get submitted.

podcasts are submitted to the committee who listens to them within a week or so, 
and every week or so posts an approved pic and pays the submitter $100 or so.

$100/week would cost $5200 a year.  I can see how this would be a deal killer, 
but I really have no clue.

The price should be enough that it causes more to be submitted than one person 
could reasonably listen to without taking too much away from the few other 
things we do.  I see 7 or so people that have chimed into this thread, so that's 
a good number of people that might need to be help by screening the submissions 
to see which ones we think Jeff should listen to.  Jeff can then post the pick 
of the litter.  The runners up might even get made available.  One of the things 
I am going for is "these podcasts are 'approved'" or something so that the 
masses don't all have to listen to ones that were whipped together in hopes to 
grab an easy $100 and or shamelessly plug a product without much content worth 
listening to.

This doesn't totally eliminate the "don't endorse a project" problem but it 
might make it significantly less of an issue.  There will be way more podcasts, 
so 'competing' projects have a better chance of getting equal airtime.  And the 
"paid for" aspect may help the audience understand that the projects were 
selected due to their 'podcast quality' not some technical merit.

I can also see a $1000 grand prize being awarded at PyCon each year.  (can even 
be picked from one of the runners up.)  I know previous "awards at PyCon" were 
frowned upon, and I mostly agreed with the rational.  but I think this is 
different: to some extent, people are being paid to do some work for 
advocacy at python.

Carl K

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