[python-advocacy] Proposed Advocacy Task List for Next Six Months

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed Mar 28 01:45:47 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 27 March 2007 15:14, Jeff Rush wrote:
> To those on the advocacy list, we've been having a discussion on the
> psf-members list on what to tackle re advocacy for the next six months. 
> I'd like to run the plan past you and get your ideas.

I'll try and make a few comments, but it's a bit late in this time zone!

> It has a primary focus on content, particularly for encouragement of the
> formation of user groups, and strictly avoids software development.  The
> general PSF consensus is that the existing functionality, interface and
> style of www.python.org is acceptable for now, that we should avoid
> creating more "islands" like advocacy.python.org, us.pycon.org and
> pycamp.python.org and rather integrate more tightly under www.python.org. 
> Also that work is needed to generate more extensive content and to organize
> the content we already have on www.python.org.

I think this is a reasonable strategy: the Web facilitates integration between 
different infrastructures (the "cool people" call them "mash-ups", I 
believe), and the thing that powers python.org should really be better at 
pointing its high tech vacuum cleaner at actively developed content (like the 
Wiki, but with some improved anti-spam measures in place), making use of 
things like event information from the PythonEvents Wiki page, perhaps 
capturing user group event details from the apparently actively edited Wiki 
pages with that theme.

> 1. User groups How-To and content resources (40%)
>     - flyers/brochures
>     - a list (N=5) of meeting topics with outlines/slides for presentations
>       (some overlap in topics with the list below)
>     - a how-to with info on where to get give-away swag
>     - pointers to resources like meetup.com
>     - how to get a mailing list set up
>     - best practices
>     - what makes a group work/succeed vs. not
>     - where to find members, how to get the word out

It's good to see motion in this area, but I'll let other people more 
interested in such matters make their comments.

> 2. Python.org advocacy content (45%)
>     - work with showmedo.com staff to produce and prominently display on
>       www.python.org, in the style of
> http://www.rubyonrails.org/screencasts, a series of ten 5-minute videos on
> the following topics, suggested by their staff:


This can't do any harm, but as someone who doesn't run Flash (and whose 
browsing experience is an order of magnitude faster and less hassled as a 
result), it'd be nice to remind people that pyvnc2swf also produces other 

>     - produce add-on content associated with the above topics, for those
> who see the videos and want to investigate further:
>       - whitepaper on Science with Python
>       - whitepaper on Databases
>       - whitepaper on Gaming with Python
>       - whitepaper on Testing Methodologies for Websites

Additional materials are always a good thing, however.

> 3. User group infrastructure (5%)
>     - Establish/support an cross-usergroup organizer mailing list
>     - Maintain a spreadsheet of user groups and officers
> 4. Respond to queries, general advocacy and outreach, support EuroPython
> where possible (10%)

I'd like to plug EuroPython at this point and request that the recent Call For 
Proposals be announced also on python.org. It would be wonderful if 
python.org could track the EuroPython announcements - there won't be too many 
- especially since the PyCon feedback suggested that python.org was a major 
promotional asset.


P.S. I'll comment a bit more on the rest of the list when daylight returns.

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