[python-advocacy] [PSF-Members] Helping get Python in more publications?

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri May 4 16:18:35 CEST 2007

Steve Holden wrote:
> Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T wrote:
>> As an example, there are quite a few python mail lists and blogs that
>> I would like to keep tabs on, but time doesn't permit.  However, if
>> there was a filtering method that would let the gems bubble up - I
>> would be able.  I would also be willing to rank messages and blog
>> posts that I do read to contribute back.
> Sort of a private Python slashdot without the lame comments from the 
> know-nothings. That's an interesting idea.
> See the "tagged items" in my .sig and compare with the holdenweb.com 
> front page - we could also use such a system for front-page news. It's 
> all pretty easy with AJAX - no site rebuild is required as the news 
> changes. I just run a script and upload a new file.

Hmm, interesting, I see what you've done.  Remarkably flat del.icio.us keyword
set you have there. ;-)  I presume you grab all links tagged with "Python",
ignoring the other tags?

> The voting by "a community" is a most valuable part of this suggestion.

Yes, but consider digg.com -- if everyone can vote, it is possible to devolve
into some level of chaos at people push their favorites regardless of value.

BTW, if anyone cares, my links, with some attempt at keyword organization, are at:


Don't forget the del.icio.us site allows you to tag items for other people,
using their login name.  Here in Dallas we use it a lot to share links within
the local user group.  We could create a generic del.icio.us account that
represents the entire community, encourage people to add that tag to items of
Pythonic interest, and then run a script like you have to pull down the top N
links, along with their descriptive del.icio.us text and stick it on some page
on www.python.org.  Such shared links could even be further subdivided by
whatever other tags are found on them, such as web, events, etc.

I'm going to pursue a similar idea, already discussed here a few days ago, of
a shared community blog for collecting news from usergroups.


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