[python-advocacy] fun movie

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu May 10 15:49:51 CEST 2007

I just watched all 35 min of:

I had to think for a moment if this was really appropriate for the advocacy list 
  (don't want to flood it with every little tidbit I find) but I think there is 
more to it than just the content:  I really liked the format, and maybe there is 
something to be learned from the way the subject was presented.

It was a combination of screencast and power point.  The screencast was not 
meant to teach, but more to show a level of effort or complexity something took. 
you see him actually create a project, edit the files, run a web browser, fix 
the errors - then recap how many lines of code, config files, server restarts, etc.

It is fairly high level, talks about RAD, and then tries to compare J2EE, rails, 
turbo gears and django.  It was done in June 06.  I have no idea how accurate it 
was then, or how many of the problems have been fixed, but it is both 
entertaining and helps define what is important.  And says some nice things 
about Python.

Anyway, even if this goes nowhere, it is fun to watch.

Carl K

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