[python-advocacy] virtual servers for Python user groups

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Sat May 19 07:50:50 CEST 2007

Strong +1 from me. I organize the SoCal Piggies group with Titus Brown,
and we both donate server capacity and bandwidth to the group. A
PSF-sponsored virtual host would be nice.


--- Brad Allen <brad at allendev.com> wrote:

> What do you think of the idea of PSF funding hosted virtual servers 
> for user groups? A virtual server could be managed by a volunteer 
> representative of the local user group, so PSF's only involvement 
> would be the initial setup and paying the ongoing bill.  This would 
> give user groups a place for things like secure SVN hosting, Trac for
> project management, and user group website, etc...
> In the Dallas user group, we benefit from Jeff Rush donating the user
> of his colocated server, but not every user group has someone that 
> can contribute a server. Making a similar resource available to any 
> Python user group could enable real action and growth.
> Recently I visited the newly re-forming Python user group in 
> Portland, OR, which had a meeting at BarCamp, and we discussed the 
> virtual server idea. One of the members said he had an interest in 
> helping PSF pilot test projects to help bolster user groups, and I 
> think there would be no difficulty in finding someone to take on 
> sysadmin chores for a user group virtual server.
> The Portland group would be a good testbed for seeing what PSF user 
> group assistance can do, because the group is in the process of 
> re-establishing after a period of inactivity.  I suspect Portland 
> could sustain a very large and active Python user group if they could
> get the right resources assembled.
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