[python-advocacy] virtual servers for Python user groups

Brad Allen brad at allendev.com
Sat May 19 09:16:28 CEST 2007

At 3:55 PM +1000 5/19/07, Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:
>+1 from me.
>Also would recommend a "meta" user group to monitor and keep in 
>touch with groups making use of this service. A simple system like a 
>Google Group should be plenty. There is a lack of 'play areas' for 
>putting Python web apps.

It appears that such a mailing list on python.org has already been 
created by Jeff Rush:


It's a new list, with no postings; hopefully we can attract user 
group organizers to join and compare notes, to learn what other 
groups are doing, and to provide mutual support.

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