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Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun May 27 23:31:33 CEST 2007

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 07:33:29AM -0500, Jeff Rush wrote:
>Whew! I've finished filling out the survey response to Forrester Research and

>up to subclassing of Java classes and being subclassed by Java classes.

I don't like this wording.  How about "even allowing Python and Java classes
to inherit from each-other"?  Maybe just use the same wording as .NET so
that it doesn't seem they're different, unless they are.

F14: I'd turn the order of the paragraphs around, with some slight

   Python is famous for being easy to understand by humans.  It has been
   said its source is like executable pseudo-code similar to what you
   find in textbooks.  This makes it very easy to translate textbook
   algorithms directly into Python.

   Python makes conservative use of punctuation, using it in the
   conventional manner of operators common in the industry.  It relies
   more upon its keywords for its syntax and has a philosophy of reducing
   unnecessary variability, by offering a single obvious way to code
   a particular construct.  This is reflected in its use of whitespace
   indentation for enhanced readability, and freeing the developer from
   repetition by avoiding type predeclarations.

Basically, answering the question quickly, and leaving eye-glazing details
after that.  The other way around made me just want to skip to the next

F15: Again, let's try turning this around:

   Python provides a high level of component abstraction, making code reuse
   very easy.  Python also provides a comprehensive standard library of
   common code developed by others.  A "Cookbook" of algorithms and
   extensive third-party developed libraries is also available, allowing
   developers to reuse other developers work.  Additionally, Python
   supports a powerful implementation of library modules, arranged into a
   heirarchy of namespaces and search paths.

I like the cheeseshop reference here, but it could possibly go or be
shortened with F16 covering much of the same ground.  I like the
reiteration of the point though.

F16: Looks pretty good, but I'd be inclined to start it off with "Python
provides an extensive standard library, with reference and topic guide
available online."  Making the reference to the standard library more
specific and obvious.

F18: Nice.

F19: Looks good.

F20: I'd change "Another example would be" to "Another example is"

F21: Looks good.

F22: I'd turn the first paragraph around.  "The phrase "duck typing" was
coined by a Python developer, so it is no surprise that Python excels in
this area."  that sort of thing right up front.

F23 and F24: Looking good.

Sorry, I've got to run now.  I'll try to do some more review soon.

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